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How to Tune Up Your Garage Door for winter

The cool winter climate takes a toll on the operation of garage doors. Many homeowners experience more garage door problems in winter than in any other season. As winter approaches, there is the need to tune-up your garage door so that it remains in perfect conditions during the cold winter months.

Here are some steps you can take in the winter to tune-up your garage door that will help you prepare your garage door for winter.

Insulate Your Garage Door

Insulating your garage door is one of the essential winter tune-up tasks in preparing your garage door for the cold climate. The garage door is most likely the largest door in your home and it contributes significantly to the indoor temperature. An insulated garage door is very efficient during winter. It reduces your heating bill and maintains a warm temperature inside your home. Proper insulation also ensures the temperature remains stable in the garage.

Keep the Garage Door Well Lubricated

Cool winter weather dries out the lubrication on rollers and hinges and this is the cause of most of the common garage door opening and closing problems and noisy operation experienced by homeowners during winter. Applying a metal lubricant to the rollers, hinges, tracks, springs, garage door trips, and other moving parts every two or three months will ensure the garage door operates without problems during the winter months. You should also apply a Silicone based lubricant to the weather stripping to keep the door functioning properly.

Clean the Garage Door Annually

One way to prepare your garage door for winter is to schedule the annual cleanup just before the winter season starts. Cleaning not only improves the door's appearance but also keeps away dirt. Use a mild detergent and gentle bristle brush to achieve an effective cleanup and then rinse with clean water. Stay away from abrasive cleaners as these can strip the paint and cause delaminating. If your garage door is made of steel, waxing it keeps it looking good and is a protective measure from acid rain and dirt. You should also keep the weather stripping and garage door strip clean always.

Adjust Your Garage Door Opener

During winter, the garage door sits more tightly on the ground due to snow and cool weather. It takes a greater pull for the garage door opener to move the garage door up to the top. This means that the garage door opener requires more power to operate the garage door. You may need your garage door opener tuned specifically for winter. Have your specialist adjust your garage door opener for the winter months.

Perform an Annual Garage Door Checkup

The best time to perform the annual garage door maintenance is just before winter. Have a professional Houston garage door tune-up specialist examine your garage door and perform any necessary maintenance. The checkup and maintenance should cover the hinges, the rollers, the tracks, the cables, the manual operation, electronic operation and the automatic safety reverse system. The specialist you hire should perform a professional inspection to ensure all these parts operate as they should and fix any problem with the parts or function.

Getting a garage door tune up before winter ensures smooth operation without inconveniences. Doing this will save you a lot of expenses in potential repairs. Even though the above winter tune-up of garage door steps are the essentials on how to tune up your garage door during winter, you should get a professional garage door service specialist in Houston, TX to tune-up your door for winter. Trying to perform these steps yourself can cause more harm than good.