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5 ways to secure your Katy Texas garage door

We love our garage doors. They make for easy entry and exit from the home. Most families love it so much that they use it more than the front door. Families now consider their garage doors the second front door.

That is well and good. Problem is, so do thieves and others looking for ways to break in.

In recent years, more home invasions and break-ins occur through unlocked or unsecured garage doors. So how do you secure your garage door and prevent your family from becoming victims?

It is really simple. Just do these things.

1. Always close your garage door

This appears simple but most homeowners fail to do this. How many times have been driven through your neighborhood and seen your neighbors' garage doors standing wide open and not a soul insight? Those are easy picking and homeowners who leave their garage doors open are inviting thieves into their homes.

2. Use keychain remote control

Using keychain remote controls allows you to have your garage door remote control with you at all times. This also means you have control over access to your home through the garage door. To most homeowners, this is additional expense but if it stops thieves from breaking into your home, it is well worth the additional investment.

3. Upgrade your remote control or change your remote control codes frequently

New garage door remote control systems have additional security feature not available in older models. Invest in newer remote controls and receive these added security features. Also changing your remote's access code is necessary to ensure thieves cannot guess the codes. Many homeowners have not changed their codes since they moved into the home. This means your home's former owners (for used homes) and thieves can easily gain access to your home if you are still using the default code.

4. Don't leave your remote control in the vehicle

How many times have you walked by a vehicle and seen their garage door remote control sitting on the vehicle's visor or dashboard? This is quite common. Most homeowners do this for convenience but this means that all a thief has to do is break into your car and they not only have access to your car, now they can get in your home. At the minimum, place your garage door remote control in the glove compartment and lock your vehicle's doors.

5. Secure the garage door bolt when on a trip

Lock the garage door's security bolt when you go out of town. This prevents easy entry into your garage door and consequently, your home. Whether you live in Houston, Katy or other cities, locking your garage door when no one is around is a good idea and prevents breaks-ins.