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Six Reasons for Replacing Your Garage Door Opener in Katy TX

Garage door openers have evolved with time. Modern garage door opener models have improved features like internet connectivity, convenience and security not available in older models.

While typical garage door openers last long in good condition, there are reasons for replacing garage door openers. Here are six reasons to replacing your garage door opener in Katy TX.

Replace a Faulty Opener

This is the most obvious reason for replacing your garage door opener. The opener may stop working when a component such as the circuit board breaks down. In this case, you may find it economical to replace the entire opener to take advantage of other improved features.

Improved Safety Features

It is a standard requirement that all garage door openers have a safety reversing mechanism consisting of two safety electric sensors.

These sensors pick up any obstacle on the doors path as it closes. If there is an object such as a pet or child, the door reverses preventing serious injury or even death. If this safety feature fails for any reason, replacing the garage door opener is the only option available to you.

Minimized Opening and Closing Noise

Older models of garage door openers use chain drive mechanism to close and open making too much noise in the process.

Modern openers have a screw or belt drive that offers a quieter operation. If your garage door generates too much noise when opening, replacing the opener with a newer model will reduce the noise. Katy TX garage door repair will happily recommend the best option for a quieter operation.

Improved Security Features

The most important reason to replace your garage door opener is security. If your garage door uses an old opener that operates using a fixed code, anyone can use a special device to find out what this code is and open the door when you are not around.

However, the newer designs use varying codes making it hard for anyone else to figure out the code and use it to access the garage and steal your property when you are not around. Modern garage door openers also have indicators that alert homeowners of open or unsecured garage doors preventing theft.

Improved Functionality

Newer openers come with a keypad feature that you can install outside the garage and enter a code to open the door without using keys. Some keypads operate through fingertip detection eliminating the need to remember or enter any code.

Innovative Battery Power Backup

With most of the older openers, it is impossible to operate the opener without power. Newer and improved door openers come with battery backup systems that function automatically in case of a power outage so you don't have to worry about opening or closing the door.

There are plenty of reasons and benefits to replacing garage door openers. To take advantage of the benefits of having a new garage door opener without a problem, get a professional like Katy TX garage door specialist to replace your garage door opener. This is one way to ensure proper replacement that will serve you for years. Upgrade your garage door opener today to enjoy improved features, functionality and convenience.