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Houston Garage Door Q&A - Should you fix a broken garage door opener or buy a new opener?

Deciding whether to repair a garage door opener or replace it with a new unit depends on a number of factors and it is impossible to give a complete answer without all the facts.

Circumstances differ but a few factors are constant. Whether you choose to replace or repair your garage door opener depends on factors like age, safety and features, ease of use, cost and more.

Let us examine each of these factors as we decide if it is time to replace that aging garage door opener.

Consider the age of your garage door opener

The age of your garage door opener is important to consider because the older the door opener is, the less cost effective it may be to repair it. Older garage door opener models can be very expensive to repair as their parts may not be readily available and may take longer to obtain. Older model garage doors do not have the new features necessary to fully secure the home so it may not be wise to repair it.

Also, garage door remote control for older garage door openers may be hard to find should you need to replace them or buy additional remotes for say, an additional family member. Consider this as you decide whether to repair or replace your garage door opener.

Garage door safety and features matter

New garage door openers have additional safety features not available in older models. Features like internet connectivity, door open alerts and battery backups are only available in new models. If these features are important to you, choosing to replace your garage door opener is the smart choice.

Cost of replacing garage door opener

It is important to consider cost when deciding to replace or repair your garage door opener. New garage door openers come with manufacturer warranties not available in older models. This alone could be enough reason to consider replacement instead of repair. Warranties give you peace of mind.

Check garage door opener manufacturer warranty

Also cost of repairing old door openers can easily add up especially if it is out of warranty. Call the manufacturer of your garage door opener to see if it is possible to extend the warranty of your opener. If it is not, consider replacing it if it is 15 years or older. A garage door opener repair specialist can assist you to choose the best garage door opener for your home. In Houston call Saras Garage Doors at 281-970-3667 today.