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Years back, a local Houston news station reported thieves had targeted certain residential areas and business locations. This story made headlines because they secretly spotted weak and broken garage doors only to steal thousands of dollars worth of goods at odd hours of the day. The detailed report contained information specifying the techniques they used to break their way in. The report was haunting because it alerted many Houstonians to take necessary measures to protect and repair all possible weak points in their garage doors. Mr. H.J. Jones was a victim of this crime simply by neglecting to repair the damaged garage caused by his son with the family car.

How can all houstonians prevent a break-in and stop thieves from entering the property throught the garage door?

Concerns of security can have anyone worried; home or away from home. In this article, we will be reviewing what thieves may be after and opportunities that can lure them to committing a crime. This article also includes measures you can take to stop all and any break-ins and properly securing your belongings.

This most important measure we can take is to repair all damages to your existing garage door. This is step one to eliminating all prowling eyes to look away. Hardware such as lock are inexpensive and panels are offered at great prices. The replacement is cheap and labor is quick and easy. Following all repairs, step two is to install lighting near the garage door. This simple feature will significantly lower your chances of having a break-in by more than 50%. Your local hardware store can assist you with exterior lighting.

Next, determine if your garage door opener is in need of an update. Garage opener companies have been concerned to make quality product openers with security in mind. Security features include: anti-forced locking systems, guard features allow the operator to open or close making it difficult for thieves, lighting motion detectors, alarm system, and battery backup systems are a few options you have. These new features are available through your smart phone and wifi connections.

Since everyone knows the garage is a storage location its has become an ongoing fight for our company and manufacturing companies. Businesses in the Houston area are taking this same approach to prevent theft and secure the stored belongings. Let go over simple steps of precaution:

1. Repair any broken door parts
2. Install exterior lighting at the entry way
3. Update your garage opener
4. Cover the windows with tint or frost film
5. Keep your garage door closed

Don't give the opportunity for vandalism. Have the peace of mind that all your belongings are safe and secure by calling Sara's Garage Door company to assist you with securing your garage door and belongings.