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Easy way to reprogram your garage door remote opener

There are a number of reasons you may want to reprogram your garage door remote control opener. These reasons could range from new remotes, additional remotes or just security concerns.

It is actually important that you change your garage door opener codes at different times of the year. This ensures that your codes cannot be guessed by passers-by and thieves who drive around your neighborhood looking for easy to access homes through the garage door.

To reprogram your garage door opener the easy way, follow these steps.

Erase the current door codes

Don't panic, it is easier than you think. You may need a ladder and screwdriver for this process but that is all. Depending on your garage door brand or maker, it could be a one-step or multi-step process. Start by locating the smart button or learn button. This is located either on the front of the opener or the back, depending on the make and model. They are red, green, black or purple color. Once you locate the button, push and hold down the button for about ten seconds to erase the codes. A red LED light may come on as you hold down the button depending on your model. It is that simple.

If you have a Genie brand garage door opener, the button may be black in color and located on the front of the opener. Other brands like Chamberlain have their buttons located at the back near the voltage wires. Most are red or green.

Reprogram the door remote

Like the step above to erase the codes, reprogramming the codes is a simple process. Press the smart button on the door opener and a light should come on. Press the remote control that you want to program to do so. Repeat this step with all your remotes. On Genie garage door openers, you may have to press the remote control three or more times. In most other brands, you only need to press the button once. That is it, the remote is reprogrammed.

Programming Garage Door Wall keypads

The process of reprogramming garage door wall keypads is different depending on the model and manufacturer. Most keypads come with instruction printed on the inside cover or lid of the keypad. Follow the manufacturer's instructions to program your keypad.

Call Houston garage door service experts

It is smart and safe to change your keypad and remote access codes regularly or as soon as you move into a new home. That way you know only you and your family have access to your home. If you have any question or need help reprogramming your remote, call your Houston garage door service experts at Saras Garage Doors at 281-970-3667 and we will gladly assist you.