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My Houston TX Garage Door Won't Close - Help

The garage door refusing to close is one of the most common garage door problems Houston homeowners experience. The worst thing about a garage door that won't close is that it usually happens at the worst time when you need to go to work or somewhere else. If your garage door won't close, here is what you can do to fix the problem immediately:

Check the Sensors

The garage door won't close when the photo-eyes or sensors fall out of alignment and cannot sense each other. The sensors fail to sense each other when objects block the sensors, dirt covers the lens, there is faulty connection or loosened wires, and dirt covers the tracks. Check for these possible sensor problems and correct them while maintaining a safe distance from the door's path. If this does not fix the problem, you can close the door by pressing the close button on the wall station until the door closes completely.

Check the Lockout Button/ Vacation Switch

If the garage door closes when you use the wall button but won't close when you use the garage door opener remote, the remote may be locked. For most garage doors, the wall control panel has a Lock Out or Vacation Switch that locks out the remote operation. Disengage this switch and press on the remote again to see if the door closes.

Adjust the Garage Door Opener Sensitivity Settings

Most garage door openers have sensitivity settings for the opening and closing function. When the garage door refuses to close, these settings may need adjustment. If you are confident, you can adjust these settings yourself by following the instruction manual. Otherwise call a professional Houston garage door service to adjust the settings for you.

Close the Garage Door Manually

If you try all of the above and the garage door still won't close, you can close the garage door manually by pulling the emergency release, which is the red cord hanging from the trolley. You should then lock the door manually to secure it and call a garage door repair specialist as soon as possible to diagnose the problem and fix it. If the manual closing function fails or the door is still hard to close, you need to call a professional to adjust the garage door.

Call a Houston Garage Door Professional

If you try everything listed here and the garage door still won't close, you will need to call a professional Houston garage door service for help. You should also have a professional perform