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Houston Garage Door Track Maintenance and Repair

If you live in Houston, Katy, Sugar Land, The Woodlands, Missouri City, Pearland, Richmond and Rosenberg, or other cities in Texas, your home most likely has a garage door that is used almost daily.

The best way to get the most out of your garage door is to maintain it regularly. When you notice a problem or damage, address it immediately before any further damage occurs.

The problem is that most homeowners either do not know when something is going wrong with their garage doors or they are simply not paying attention and miss the warning signs.

Know your Houston Garage Door

Overhead garage doors in Houston, Texas operate on spring tension and they move up and down on galvanized metal tracks. These tracks are attached to the garage walls and a set of heavy springs usually provide the moving power.

It is imperative to the proper operation of your garage door, that you check the tracks for any damage or dents regularly.

If you see any damaged spots, they can easily be hammered out with a rubber mallet or with a hammer and a piece of wood. If the damage to the track is too severe, it is advisable that they are replaced or a garage door repair specialist is called.

Prevent Damage to your Garage Door

Damage to the garage door tracks can be prevented by simply cleaning them with grease fighting detergent and a soft brush. After you cleanse the rollers thoroughly, make sure to wipe both the tracks and the rollers dry to prevent rust.

Check the tracks for loose hardware such as bolts or screws. While observing the door in motion, if you see any loose bolts, tighten them securely.

Next, check to make sure that the tracks are properly aligned using a level. The tracks should be completely level to the garage walls for proper operation. If the tracks are not properly aligned or level, loosen the mounting brackets then, carefully adjust the tracks.

All of these tips will help to ensure the safe operation of your garage door and will prolong its life as well.

It is important not to forget to maintain your garage door tracks because you could be overlooking a very simple fix. If this simple fix has been overlooked or you feel uncomfortable trying to repair the garage door yourself, then it is time to call a service expert.

In Houston, Texas and other nearby cities, call Saras Garage Door Service, your garage door repair experts at 281-970-3667 or complete this short form to get in touch with us.