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Garage door safety mechanism - what it is and Why you need it

We love our garage doors, don't we? They have become so useful to most families that we use them as our second and sometimes, first door to our homes.

Garage doors are designed for simplicity and safety. Most homeowners do not even think about their garage doors at all. They simply push the button on the remote control daily and expect the door to close or open as designed. And in most cases they do effortlessly.

Because garage doors are the heaviest moving objects in a typical home, they have some safety mechanisms built in. For example, most modern garage doors work using automatic door openers with sensors or “eyes” mounted on both sides.

Garage door sensors

As you may already know, sensors help control the operation of the door. They are designed to stop and reverse the door operation (up or down) when the sensors sense an object in the way. That is one of the most useful mechanisms built into the garage doors today.

As heavy objects, garage doors have the ability to crush objects they fall on so if your younger children or family pets were caught under the door, it could result in serious injuries or death. That is the main reason most garage doors have safety mechanisms.

To ensure your door sensors are working properly, ensure there is nothing blocking the sensors' eyes. Most sensors have lights that point towards the other sensor on the other side of the door. The theory is that they are supposed to be able to see each other. Any objects in the middle will stop that from happening, thus stopping the doors from operating.

Garage door cords

Another safety mechanism built into the garage door is the cord (mostly red in color) hanging down near the garage door opener. Though most people do not see this as a safety apparatus, it is. The purpose of the cord is to loosen the door and allow you to lift it manually should it become necessary.

If for any reason you need to get out of your home and your garage door has no power, this allows you to do so effortlessly.

Of course, there are other things you must be aware of to keep your family safe when operating garage doors. It is best to consult a local garage door repair expert who will be quite happy to guide you through all the safety features associated with your garage door. In the Houston, Texas area, call us today at 281-970-3667 today.