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Garage doors not working in Houston? Follow this simple guide

Most families in Houston, Texas today use the garage door as the main entrance to their homes. As a result, these garage doors open and close numerous times throughout the day.

This can lead to a number of issues including the doors becoming inoperable. Because garage doors have many moving parts, it is easy to wear them out with frequent use.

When that happens, it is easy to panic. What you should do is call a Houston garage door repair specialist. But do you know who to call?

“When we receive frantic calls from our customers that their garage doors have stopped working, the first thing we tell them to do is not to panic. We ask them a few questions to see the last time the garage door worked, what they may have done to cause the door to stop working and more. ” said Javaid Iqbal, owner of Saras Garage Doors in Houston, Texas.

Here are the steps to take when your garage door stops working in Houston, Texas.

Check the garage door opener

This is the obvious place to begin your diagnosis. The garage door opener uses batteries and occasionally they need to be replaced. For most homeowners as long as the openers work, they do not worry about that. It is actually a good thing to keep track of the last time you changed your garage door opener battery. Make sure the battery is not dead. If it is, replace it with a new battery.

Check the garage door remote control

If you are trying to open the door using your remote control and does not get a response, make sure your remote control battery is not the problem. If you have not changed the battery in a while, do so and see if that fixes the problem. Also make sure the remote control is able to communicate with the garage door opener. Press the button on your remote control and if no light shows, your remote battery is the culprit.

Look for obstacles blocking the sensors

We recently receive a telephone call from a customer who said her garage door will not open. We went out to her home and found a piece of debris blocking the garage door sensors. Before you call a garage door repair specialist, make sure your sensors can see each other. Most modern garage doors use sensors to determine if there is an obstacle on the way before attempting to operate the door. This is a safety mechanism aimed at preventing injuries to families as a result of accidental operation of the garage doors.

Call a Houston Garage Door Repair expert

When all else fails, call a garage door repair specialist. Because garage doors are heavy and involve many moving parts, it may not be a good idea to attempt to fix your garage door unless you have the training and expertise to do so. Garage door parts like the torsion springs are under pressure and can cause serious injury or death if not handled properly.