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Garage Door and Garage Door Opener Q&A

Most homes in the Houston area have a garage door installed. Sometimes, as a home owner, you may have questions and need answers. Below we have outlined some questions and answers. Hope they help you understand your garage door better. Call us at Saras Garage Doors at 281-970-3667 if you have any more questions.

Question - What are the standard sizes of garage doors?

Answer - Garage doors sizes start from 8' in width and go all the way up to 20' or more. Standard heights are 7' to 8'. It is possible to have nonstandard garage doors installed depending on your home. Most garage door manufacturers may be able to create a special garage door size for you if you contact them, for additional fee.

Question - Can my garage door be painted and how often?

Answer- Most garage doors can be painted as often as you want. It is important however, that you use acrylic based 100% latex paints. Some can also be powder coated. Check with a local garage door professional for additional information. How often you repaint your garage door is dependent on you.

Question - Can I replace a section of my garage door or must I replace the whole door?

Answer - it is hard to answer this question because to effectively answer it, I will have to take a look at the damage to the garage door and see if replacing that section alone is feasible. In general though, yes, it is possible to change a section of your garage door without changing the whole door. Again, that will depend on the extent of the damage to the door and other factors.

Question - What is R-Value of garage doors and are they important?

Answer - R-Value of the garage door is the thermal efficiency of the garage door. In other words, they tell you the door's ability to maintain the temperature. The higher the R-Value, the better the garage door's insulating properties. Buy the garage door with the highest R-Value that you can afford. They are important since they determine the cost of monthly utility bills.

Question - How much does a garage door cost?

Answer - This depends on a number of factors including the area of the country you reside, your weather condition, the quality of the garage door you are looking to buy and more. The best way to know for sure is to shop around. Visit local stores that sell garage doors and look at the available prices. Look online and see all the offerings.

Question - Can I add insulation to my non-insulated garage door?

Answer - The answer is yes. In most instances, you can add insulation to most non insulated garage doors. You can buy insulation kits from most home maintenance stores. My advice however, is to have a professional garage door repair company insulate your garage doors. They will give you warranties which you are not likely to get using insulation kits.

Question - Is there a difference in garage door openers

Answer - There are three standard garage door openers available to the homeowner - the screw drive, belt drive and chain drive door openers. There is a difference in these door openers. The screw drive door opener is designed to be powerful, quiet and fast. They are powerful enough to lift most garage doors easily. The benefit of the belt drive door opener is that it is the quietest and smooth. It is ideal for those garage doors attached to the home. The chain drive is rugged and very reliable though a bit more noisy that the other types.