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Tips for Choosing Best Garage Doors

Choosing a garage door may seem like a small or easy task, but garage doors are actually an important investment.

For one thing, your garage door takes up almost half of your home's facade. As the most visible way to add curb appeal, it's important to find the best garage doors for your home's style and appearance.

Consider Garage Door Colors and Styles

When shopping at your Houston garage door dealer, be sure to check out the styles and colors available.

Buy Garage Doors with Widows

First, think about windows for your Houston, Sugar Land and The Woodlands, TX garage door. Windows add a decorative touch and let in natural light. Look for window styles that complement your home's windows.

Consider Garage Door Panel Designs

Next, look over panel designs. Some panel designs include:
• Flush: these are flat but can be textured; they blend into the rest of the door.
• Raised: they are available in long or short styles. They make the door stand out more and are a good choice for homes with detailed trim, like Tudor, Victorian or Colonial architectural styles.
• Painted: the inside slope of the panel is painted in a contrasting color to really make the garage door stand out. With painted panels, the garage door is a real focal point. Paint colors that coordinate with shutters, doors and other features of the home are some good choices.

Look for unique Garage Door designs

Other special designer features include handles and designs that make the garage door look like the entrance to a carriage house, barn or other outbuilding.

Consider Garage Door warranties

Visual appeal is important, but so is a garage door that will last, be worry-free and work with your lifestyle needs. Always find out about warranties for both the door itself and the track and lifting mechanisms. Also Look for quick repair turnaround on Houston garage door repair.

Evaluate Garage Door speed, sound and safety features

Most doors open with a remote control and a controller mounted near the garage. A faster motor is more expensive, but can save time when entering or exiting the garage. Compare the speed versus price to find out if the extra time is worth it. All doors are required to have safety features so that they close more slowly than they open, and will stop the door if an object gets trapped beneath it.

Consider Garage Door Insulation

Other important considerations are construction and insulation. Garage doors are usually made of wood or steel. Steel is a less expensive choice and is available in single-layer, double-layer or triple-layer. More layers mean more insulation, strength and durability.

The best Sugar Land garage doors have three layers and are heavily insulated to protect against the extreme Texas temperatures. These are also the most expensive, and may not be necessary for your needs.

If you plan to use the garage as a workshop or play area and anticipate spending a lot of time there, look for thicker layers and more insulating features to keep out extreme temperatures. It should have a bottom seal to keep drafts out, and weather seals between the garage door sections.

If you won't be spending a lot of time in the garage beyond moving the car in and out, go with a more economical choice. Since there are so many considerations, team up with a Houston garage door dealer or Woodlands garage door center to make the best choice for your needs and budget.

Consider Houston garage door repair services if you just want to upgrade your existing doors safety and cosmetic features.